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What if you could intersect two Facebook interests?

Well, now you can!

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Target only the people who like multiple Interests.

For example, you could target people who like both Luke Bryan and Whiskey. You could also target people who like Beer and Baseball. What about Weight Loss and Crossfit? Or even 2nd Amendment Rights and Hunting.

Audience Intersect allows you to target new untapped audiences and cater to new niches that were previously not possible to reach. The possibilities are endless.

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Integrate Interests Effortlessly

While it was previously possible to intersect a behavior and an interest, you've never been able to intersect two interests or even two custom audiences.

Drive up sales by targeting unique intersections.

Here's What You Get

Intersect interests effortlessly

Want to find people who like "Star Wars" AND "Pit Bulls"? Well, now you can layer like never before. This is called the Conjunctive "AND". It lets you reach niches that were previously impossible to target.

Narrow down your audience

Want to find the super fans? Then filter your audience down to people who like multiple interests in the same niche. No more scouring for long-tail interests. Get your exact targeting right away.

Seamless integration

Audience Intersect works with your existing tools. Access these new intersections directly inside the Facebook Ads Manager. Watch your audience size shrink dynamically as you add more intersections.

Skyrocket your profits

Get the tool that only few marketers have access to. Whether you are selling physical products, tee shirts, or just about anything, a narrower audience means higher click-through-rates and overall better profits.

In fact, you can intersect on anything...


Custom Audiences

Schools & Majors

Employers & Work Positions



… together!

Ready to start intersecting?

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About Us

We are a growing technology company with hopes to transform how people sell online. Our engineers have deep experience building marketing tools for the Facebook platform. Can you write code with the best?
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Doesn't Facebook already allow you to create intersects?

No. Facebook lets you target people who like one interest OR another interest. But, Facebook does not currently let you find people who like two different interests (eg. yoga AND cats).

Is Facebook going to release this feature to all advertisers?

Facebook has only offered this feature to a limit set of partners. This is your opportunity to target untapped audiences before everyone else can.

Does this fully work with Facebook?

Yes! We have tested this tool extensively, and have ensured it meets all the proper standards. That means there is no risk to your Facebook account.

Does Audience Intersect work with my existing tools?

Audience Intersect is built to work directly inside the Facebook Ads Manager. All you need is Google Chrome and you can go to any existing ad and change the targeting settings to make intersections.